Who we are and what we do

Our mission is to provide people with healthy and economical heating, and thus contribute to effective,
sustainable development, leaving a positive impression not only on the buildings we heat,
but also on the condition of our planet.


We are a Czech manufacturer of heating panels

The production of our own heating system was preceded by many years of expert activity in the field of "classic heating" since 1988; our previous implementations include providing heating for buildings such as Český rozhlas, River Diamond, Červené Vrchy, Technical University of Ostrava, and many others.

We're originally a heating company, which is why have have practical experience with all kinds of heating, and we know what kind of heating is the best for both people and buildings.

We produce healthy heating

We have capitalized on our extensive experience, know-how and long-term experience by producing our own product. We produce healthy, economical and environmentally friendly heating, which has been heating many households since 2010 not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in most European countries!

We make the panels for you in Znojmo, and we are happy to be living proof that even small towns can produce big things.

We put emphasis on the high standard of production and the first-hand quality of the materials we use to make the panels, all components coming exclusively from EU countries.

It doesn't end with production

Our work doesn't end with production, on the contrary. We guide each client through the entire construction process, starting with a tailor-made heating solution based on project documentation. We are available for expert consultation throughout the construction. From our heating solution, the client will learn how much he will save compared to other heating systems, as well as how much electricity he will consume.

Our common denominator is first-class quality without compromise, respect to the environment and human health, a sense for design and a fair approach not only to our employees, but also to our business partners.

How we work

Our services begin with consulting, surveying and a precise calculation for the most economical operation possible. The placement of the panels and the power settings are subject to precise calculations according to the specific conditions of the building, the customer's requirements and the latitude of the building.

We provide an expert calculation with infrared heating panels according to specific conditions. We can therefore guarantee the predetermined heating costs. Quick installation is just icing on the cake.

We cooperate with:

Koordinuj.cz HELUZ partner ČMSS ADMD