Economical heating? Infrapanels from FOUCZECH

We are a Czech manufacturer of heating. We help people to save and stay healthy home.


We've been dealing with economical, healthy heating for over 30 years. We help our clients save up to 60%
of heating costs and create a healthy home. Our primary goal is a happy client.
 We install heating panels on walls, ceilings and dropped ceilings. 


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Healthy climate

FOUCZECH heating prevents the formation of mold and saltpeter. The panels spread heat, which accumulates in the entire building, thus heating and drying it at the same time.

Heating for you

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to capitalize on and take advantage of our experience - to create a healthy environment in the building, to heat economically, ecologically and stylishly.


It is no longer necessary to supply gas to buildings, to deal with flue gas paths, expensive heat pumps or build boiler rooms. Our infrared heating panels are space-saving.


We have practical experience with all types of heating, so we know that infrared heating is both an economical and healthy heating system.

No service

The economical heating panels produced by us do not need any specific service, revisions or regular refurbishment; their operation is quiet, clean and pleasant.

Manufacturer and designer

From the production of heating panels and the analysis of project documentation, to assembly and infrared heating panel consultancy. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as other EU countries.

5000 installations

More than 5,000 apartment buildings and family houses, offices, wooden buildings, commercial buildings, castles and chateaus are being heated economically. Here they also use our infrared heating panels.

True comfort

Thanks to maximum utilization of thermal radiation (97%) and a minimum rate of convection (3%), the entire space will be heated evenly with a minimal temperature difference between the floor and ceiling.

How does radiant heating work?

Infrared heating from FOUCZECH works based on a principle that is completely different to all other types of heating. Thanks to the principle of their operation, our panels have a unique ability to store heat in the building envelope. Unlike other types of heating, heating panels primarily heat solid objects, including building materials.

They dry out walls, increasing their thermal resistance and thus their insulating ability. The heating and circulation of air are completely minimized.

Radiant heat 

Due to thermal radiation, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the room; the thermal wave from the panel is transformed into heat when it hits a solid object, it is partially accumulated in the material and partially reflected back into the room, where the whole process is repeated.

The walls, ceiling and floors accumulate heat, making them a heating surface (radiator) that heats the entire room. It then heats the air and you, maintaining an ideal humidity of 45 - 50%.

Difference between heating panels and other types of heating

There is one fundamental difference between FOUCZECH panels and all other types of heating - the principle of their function. Heating systems you are familiar with work based on the principle of heating air (convection); the warm air then fills the room through circulation, making you feel warm.

FOUCZECH infrared heating works in the exact opposite way. We have developed a product with the highest radiant component proportion. The air is only heated secondarily, limiting its circulation to a minimum and providing true thermal comfort.

Why is infrared heating more economical than other systems?

  1. It heats solid objects, including building materials, thus drying out the walls and increasing thermal resistance (example of the dry and wet t-shirt principle).
  2. It heats the room evenly; the temperature difference between floor and ceiling at a height of 2.5 m is about 1.5 °C.
  3. Heat loss due to ventilation is reduced.
  4. There are no losses through pipes and flue routes (chimney).
  5. There is no need for service, maintenance and inspections.
  6. When you buy FOUCZECH infrared panels, you get a guarantee of heatability.

Why choose heating panels from FOUCZECH?

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